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How to Help Mindy

Get Tested to Be Considered a Living Donor for Mindy

Mindy is in need of a living donor to help save her life.  Due to complications with her heart caused by kidney disease, she is not eligible for a deceased donation.  You might have heard people talk about being listed on a "transplant list" or "waiting for a call". For Mindy, she does not have the option of a deceased donation as an option to receive a kidney due to her heart. You can read more about Mindy's story on the pages of this website.


As humans, we only need one healthy kidney to live a thriving life.  If you want to be considered for testing as a living kidney donor for Mindy, click the link below. Please use Mindy's full name and Date of Birth when filling out the form:

11/26/1966, Melinda McCray.


The transplant will take place at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina for both Mindy and her donor.  You do NOT need to live in North Carolina to be Mindy's donor, and all travel-related expenses, testing expenses, and health expenses related to the surgery for the donor will be covered. 


A potential donor will always remain anonymous, and can even choose to remain anonymous, throughout the entire process.  It is also the right of the donor to back out of the donation AT ANY POINT in the process, including up to the time of surgery.  We thank you for considering giving such a priceless gift to Mindy.


Place a Decal on Your Car

Do you drive a lot?  Are you always out and about?  We are looking for family, friends, and strangers, to place a windshield decal on the back windshield of their car.  Many people countrywide have found living donors this way, and we are hoping this idea helps Mindy as well.  There will be no cost involved to the person who chooses to help this way.   The decals are not inexpensive, so please only commit to this way of helping if you are comfortable with what we are asking. The best fit for this way to help is:

  • a person/family who can commit to approximately 3 months (or more) of the decal on their back windshield.

  • a person/family who drives a lot and all over the state of North Carolina or Arizona, including all around the valley

  • a person/family willing to possibly chat with someone who sees it and asks a question (easy to direct them to this site.)  


Wear a T-shirt (its cute, too!)

Mindy and her family are big fans of the show, FRIENDS.  Plus, we like cute clothes, too.  So, what better way to spread the word than a fun, comfy shirt that helps tell her about her need for a living kidney donor.  If you are interested in a shirt, please let us know on the contact page.  We ask that the shirts are worn as often as possible, and to busy places.  So, are you headed to a team sporting event (pro or for the kiddos), Costco, the airport, or running errands all over town? As with the decals, the shirts are not inexpensive, so we ask you to commit to helping in this way if you are willing to wear them often.


Post on Social Media

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin page?  This is an easy way to get involved to help Mindy.  You can share her story and her posts from her Facebook page, Kidney for Mindy.  You can also share your own story or photos of Mindy, including your MinMinBears, T-shirts, and decals.

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